Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Lily Collins assures CoB movie will happen this year

Yes, for those of us who thought City of Bones wouldn't start this year, Lily is telling us we're wrong. On a recent interview she told, quote: 

"I just got cast as “Snow White,” and that goes before. Filming on “Mortal” will happen this year, though, for sure.  It’s just pushed a little.”

One of the things I like of Lily is that she totally considers herself as a fan as us. She said:

"We’re looking at the casting for the rest of the characters, and it’s based on the most amazing series of books by Cassandra Clare,” Collins said. “And being a fan of “Harry Potter” and “Twilight,” to be able to have my own franchise, and one based on a girl heroine, it’s a complete honor."
"I read the series of books and loved it,” Collins told Next Movie, “and I forget how many fans – I mean, I’m a fan of it – but  how many of us are out there. The second casting hit the internet, it’s like an uproar… You read a book about a heroine and you have this vision in your mind, so the second it’s cast it could go either way. So to have their support and enthusiasm behind me was a complete honor. And it’s a crazy thought to think it could turn into that.”

She is on the movie 'Priest', in theaters  May 13 

Source: TMIS

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