Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Jace is half British?

Confused shadowhunters have been asking Cassie if this is true, if you connect the dots you mind find it true. If you still have no idea of how on earth this happen here's the post Cassie made:

Was Stephen Herondale British?"
 For those who seemed totally shocked when I said Jace was half British: 
"Stephen went to school with you?” Clary said. “And my mother— and Valentine? Is that how you knew him?”“ The Herondales were in charge of running the London Institute, and Stephen went to school there. I saw him more after we all graduated, when they moved back to Alicante." —Luke. p. 351, City of Ashes.

So yes, we can say that Jace is even more hot being half British -laughs-

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