Thursday, February 10, 2011

10 things that r NOT going to happen inCoFA

well the title says everything :) cassie post the link on her Twitter account and I'll leave the video here :

1.- Alec and Magnus are NOT getting married, no matter what Isabelle says
2.- Simon(..)
3.- Jace does NOT travel back in the victorian era and get in a fight with Will
4.- Jace does NOT travel back in time in the victorian era and (...) at least not that we know about, (AND MY FAV PART OF THE VIDEO) 'what happens in the victorian era, stays in the victorian era':P
5.-Clary does NOT draw manga (..)
6.-Luke does NOT needs to get his tuxido although when he shows up at his wedding in wolf form
7.- Max does NOT return from the dead leading a tiny zombie army
8.-Church and Chairman Meow are not getting married no matter what Isabelle says
9.-Jace does NOT get addicted to Clary's manga magical love gentleman and start secretly stealing copies from her room
10.- Nobody takes a road trip to South Carolina :(

if anyone can help me with those that has (..) because I didn't catch them well PLEASE comment :)

1 comment:

  1. WHAT?? No SC?? :O
    #2: simon's band doesn't approach a label...i didn't catch the rest.
    #3...Jace doesn't go back in time and hit on Tessa
    #5 Clary does not get mangus naked for a drawing class
    #6 its altered, not although
    #8 she also says 'do not pay attention to the tiny outfits she's sowing.
    I'm not sure if ^those^ are right or not. :D but that's what i thought that i heard.