Monday, February 21, 2011

Clockwork Prince teaser

another and according to Cassie the last CP teaser for presiden't weekend it's Magnus :D (i love magnus lol) referring to Will :)

Magnus and ...? mid-book, about Will.

“He’s Nephilim,” said his companion. “And you’ve never cared for them. How much did he pay you?”
“Nothing,” said Magnus, and now he was not seeing anything that was there, not the river, not Will, only a wash of memories: eyes, faces, lips, receding into memory, love that he could no longer put a name to. “He did me a favor. One he doesn’t even remember.”
“He’s very pretty. For a human.”
“He’s very broken,” said Magnus. “Like a lovely vase that someone has smashed. Only luck and skill can put it back together the way it was before.”

Source: CT

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