Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Recap (:

this is going to be the recap of the week, sort off..

what we know so far:

-Cassandra (author) is in Mexico finishing CoLS :D , but don't get too exited mexican fans, we still don't know where exactly she is...
-Alex Pettyfer is still negociating the role of Jace (which I personally think is a waste of time ¬¬, he should take it without thinking)
-It seems that Ed Westwick is done taping :(    (according to Cassie) let's just wait for pretty Molly :)
-You can apply to be Jace in the movie adaptation if you're in your 18-25 yeap check here for more..

and for us this have been an amazing weeeeeek! :) we have now over 100 followers in twitter :)   (thank you soo much guys)   aaaaand over 200 visits on the site that's freakin awesome thank you thank you !! 

so that's pretty much what I wanted to say, keep coming to see what other news are to come :)

I'll let you a pic of one of  Jace's quotes :) 

PS: have you noticed that I put a lot of happy faces :S

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