Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Highlights and Questions for Characters

Ok guys I should say before you go on that this post contain MAJOR SPOILERS of City of Fallen Angels, we don't want to spoin anything for you but you are warned now.


  •     You can have twin warlocks
  •          Alec’s middle name is Gideon
  •          What flavour of jello did Magnus and Alec wrestle in? :3" Mango.
  •          Jace doesn’t have a middle name
  •          Why is Magnus banned from Peru?" We only know it has something to do with llamas.
  •          Clary has a middle name, and we’ll find out in City of Lost Souls
  •          Warlocks can’t have children
  •          who would win in an arm wrestling contest: Will or Jem?" Will. But hey, there is inner strength.
  •          City of Lost Souls take place two weeks after City of Fallen Angels
  •          Who would win in a fight Alec or Will?" Tough call.
  •          Faeries can have children but Faeries just tend to have them very rarely and often they're sickly which is why they steal human children. And they can have children with humans
  •          will jace change his last name?" AGAIN? poor schizoid boy.
  •          Jace will remain as Jace Lightwood
  •          CoLS is mostly by Clary’s POV
  •          In CP are we going to find out what's wrong with Will?" Yes.
  •          Simon will narrate on CoLS just like he narrated on CoFA?" No. Mostly Clary tells CoLS. But it's mixed.
  •          You already have planned the end of 'TMI'?" Yes, I do.
  •          “When is Jace’s birthday? Will it ever be mencioned in one of the books?” I know there is this extreme fascination with Jace’s birthday. I promise if Jace’s birthday was in any way important it would have been mentioned. Jace himself spend most of his life not knowing his birthday because it’s the day he was cut out of Celine Herondale, which he didn’t know. You can back figure his birthday to being in the winter before the Uprising. He’s older than Clary by like 5, 6 months.
  •          will there be any steamy jace-clary moments in CoLS?" Yes, that there will be.
  •          Don't forget about Mia and Jordan...what's next?" I would never forget them! They have a complicated relationship in CoLS.
  •          Jace, boxers, briefs, or comando? XD" I believe boxer briefs were previously established.
  •          Will: what would you do if you found put that Jem is in love with Tessa?" Will: What a ridiclous idea!
  •          “Clary, do you find yourself more physically attracted to evil Jace?” I think Clary would be too embarrassed to answer that. But I think the truth is a little bit yes.
  •          Jace: if you were allowed a pet (Church doesn't count), what would you pick and why?" Every boy wants a pet wolf.
  •          “Jem, do you compose your own music?” No. My father was the better violinist and since there aren’t as many pieces for solo violin as he would have liked, he adapted a great deal of Chopin from piano to violin. I play that a lot.
  •          Isabelle isn’t a virgin.
  •          Jace:What's the greatest lesson you've learned the hard way?" I'm really not so bad. Or at least I didn't used to be.
  •          Jem Do you have a nickname??" Jem is a nickname. :) For James.
  •          Is Jace a virgin?" Guys, I am never going to answer that. It gets answered in the books. I promise. :)
  •          “will Jace and Clary have sex?” Okay, gather ‘round, and avert your eyes if you do not like spoilers. Yes. They will have sex. I am not going to say if they have sex in the books, or on the page, or after the books are over (in which case hey, at least they survived), but at some point in the space time continuum they have sex.
  •          " Jace; Were you ever in love before Clary ?" Answer: No.
  •          any Simon and izzy moments in cols like ahem makeout sessions?" Hmm, a lot of perverse questions. They have some . .moments.
  •          Jonathan, you got any plans for Jocelyn?" Rest assured Sebastian can't wait to see dear old mom again.
  •          THE LAST COUNCIL is name of the first chapter of CoLS
  •          Does Simon think that Clary is a virgin?" yes, because she is his best friend, and also, it is true.
  •          speaking of virgins , would Will let Jem die a virgin?" Gaaah! Well, what's he supposed to do about it???
  •          Maryse; Have consider about leaving Robert before, or just recently now?” Definitely considered leaving him before; decided to stick it out because she was pregnant with Max.
  •          “I know this is weird but... Have Isabelle ever kiss Jace or Alec?” ALEC??? *rolls around laughing* *gets up and brushes self off* Oooookay. Look, you know, I can actually see Isabelle maybe kissing Jace when she was like 13 before the Westermark effect really kicked in. But now I think she would think it was gross. I mean, I don’t have brothers or sisters which probably allows me to write the “incest plotline” without feeling much of anything about it, but I do understand that this would be widely considered grody by most, and the idea of two people brought up together hooking up does squick me. Also--- Alec is gay! He does not want to kiss girls, whether or not they are his sister.
  • ·         ...Max was actually Robert's kid, right?" He was. MARYSE didn't cheat.


  1. I was going to have to go back and search through all Cassie's Twitter from yesterday to gather all these together, thanks for doing it for me! Go Team Jace!

  2. ohhh MY GOD!!!! Jace and Clary are going to have sex! wtfh!! i cant gona dead.