Monday, August 08, 2011

Preview of The Manor House, Jace's POV

Hi Shadowhunters! Today was released a YA Crush Tourney in the YA Sisterhood Page. What is happening? Jace vs Ash in this poll. And why Jace has to win? I only have two answers for that:

  1. Because if he wins, Cassie will share Sexy Manor House Scene from City of Glass, Jace's POV.
  2. Because he's Jace, for Angel's sake! :D

Now, just to tease us like Cassie always love to do, she has shared a teaser of the scene and here it is:

Jace's hands slid under Clary's flimsy shirt and onto the heat of her skin. He was pretty sure all the blood had left his brain as his fingers worked at the clasp of her bra — which was ridiculous, what was the point of being a Shadowhunter if you couldn’t figure out the clasp on a bra? — and heard his own soft exhalation as it came free and his hands were on her.

Poll ends tomorrow so hurry! 


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