Thursday, August 11, 2011

Highlights and Questions to Jace

Highlights after Jace won the YA Crush Tourney ! We stood up for him shadowhunters and I know it was a difficult battle, Zach fans stood up pretty good too but at the end the best wins and our beloved Jace had to. :)

  • “to Jace: What does it feel to be so elected by so many girls?”  Jace: Again we see that there is nothing you can possess which I cannot take away.
  • Sorry, I was watching Raiders of the Lost Arc.Jace wouldn't say that."How does it feel 2 b so elected by so many girls?" Jace: Unsurprising.
  • “no wonder Clary is liking evil Jace, he’s hot!” Really, he was a lot of fun to write. He’s pretty much up for doing anything… anywhere.
  • “PossessedJace is still Jace only more determined” *coughp up tea giggling* Determined to do what exactly? No, I know, this isn’t how normal!Jace would act, really, he’d be more inclined to let Clary go at her own space and uh, not like so much not caring about all the people around. But even normal Jace has an edge of wickedness and that’s why this Jace is fun to write, because now it’s a lot more than an edge.
  • " When do we find out who wins the CP arc?" There's 1600 entries or so — it's gonna be a few days! Monday.
  •  ..bad Jace is bad. There is naughty and there is bad. He still loves her, tho, so not rapey.


  1. Possessed Jace is hot, I have to admit...
    *fans self* that was super steamy!