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Interview with Cassandra Clare

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Well, Cassie had an interesting interview with TMIExaminer here's it: 

Natalie: How is writing the second cycle different from the first cycle?
Cassandra: The first cycle was about introducing the world to the readers and myself. It was about preparing the characters for the obstacles they would face in the second cycle. In the first cycle, we saw teenagers become shadowhunters and then heroes. ‘City of Fallen Angels’ begins the second cycle and is about testing the characters in the lives they developed in the first cycle.

Natalie: For you, is releasing the fourth book different than the first?
Cassandra: When I released the first book, ‘City of Bones’ I had no idea what the perception would be. I actually went on a vacation to Amsterdam because I didn’t want to watch the Internet of reviews. ‘City of Fallen Angels’ is more exciting and scary because there is pressure and expectations.

Natalie: How do you hope fans will feel when they finish reading ‘City of Fallen Angels?’
Cassandra: I have an evil cliffhanger habit! ‘City of Fallen Angels’ ends on a 180-degree reversal so it’s a shock. When people get to the end they will probably be irritated. Revealing the identity of the villain is also fun!

Natalie: What’s the coolest thing you’ve ever experienced involving ‘The Mortal Instruments’ and/or ‘The Infernal Devices?’
Cassandra: I have really loved the research. I got to seek out parts of London where I needed permission to go. I love urban exploration. It’s also been fun seeing the books translated into so many languages. ‘The Mortal Instruments’ is now in 36 languages.

Natalie: Is it different for you when you release ‘The Mortal Instruments’ versus ‘The Infernal Devices?’
Cassandra: It was interesting when I released ‘Clockwork Angel,’ the first in ‘The Infernal Devices’ series because I was asking a lot of my fans. Yes, the universe was the same but I was asking them to follow me into a new series. I was asking them to read a historical with new characters. I was thrilled that the series was embraced.

Natalie: What’s the story behind ‘City of Fallen Angels’ being top secret and embargoed?
Cassandra: ‘City of Fallen Angels’ has been on what we call a crash schedule, meaning that it is being rushed into production. I didn’t want there to be too much time between the last book and this one. By adding ARC’s that would add about 4-5 months in the production schedule. Also, I didn’t want ARC’s to ruin the twist at the ending. So we (Simon & Shuster and I) decided to pass on ARC’s. There will also be no ARC’s for ‘City of Lost Souls’ and ‘City of Heavenly Fire.’

Natalie: How does it feel to have an embargoed book especially in a genre where there are so many ARC’s?
Cassandra: It goes against the grain of my personality. I like to post teasers! But this goes back to the point of ARC’s. When a series is established, readers will seek out the next release date even without ARC’s.

Natalie: Tell me about planning the trailers?
Cassandra: Since I wasn’t releasing any ARC’s I had to be more creative with the cover reveal and the trailers. In the first trailer Simon & Schuster and I wanted to recap the series. We’re treated the trailers like movie trailers. Next another trailer will be released followed by another extended trailer just like movie trailers.

Natalie: Do you have any fears when it comes to the movie?
Cassandra: So it would be weird not to be nervous. We’ve all seen movies adapted from books that ended up horrible. I felt that the first ‘Twilight’ book was well adapted to film. It was a good lesson for Hollywood that fans want books to be mostly the same and that it can translate well to film. I will say that Screen Gems has kept the things important to me in the script. Until the movie is out though I will remain cautiously optimistic even though I’ve been encouraged by what I’ve seen so far.

Natalie: Do you ever get tired of the Shadowhunter world?
Cassandra: Being able to switch between the series really helps. This world is flexible. I do have plans for another Shadowhunter book. I also have really wanted to write a Jane Austen comedy for a while. My next project will probably be whatever I write next, most likely the Jane Austen project.

Natalie: Do you favor any actors for casting in the movie?
Cassandra: I would prefer not to pick official choices for actors because they tend to become fan choices. Then if that person is not cast it upsets the fans. And people should remember that just because we’re not getting any news doesn’t mean that things aren’t happening. Screen Gems is taking their time to get this right. They understand the importance of the Jace casting. Who they pick for Jace will help determine the rest of the cast.

Natalie: Why did you choose a female protagonist in both series?
Cassandra: I find that while female protagonists are often at the center of romance-centric stories, I see less of them addressing questions like "Who am I really?" and "What kind of person do I want to be?" and "What do I do when I'm the only one who can stop the villain?" Not that there aren't a growing number of great fantasy books with girls at their hearts, but the fact that this question exists at all kind of answers itself. Male protagonists shouldn't be the default.

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