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Questions to Characters 5 PART 2

now she figured out how to tweet :D lol here's the rest of the Q&A :)
enjoy ...


 Jocelyn: How do you feel about Sebastian - as his mother?" I don't think of him as my son.
Jocelyn, what about Jace & Clary's relationship worries you? It's obvious u could trust him w/ her." I don't know that.

Jace,, how do you feel when you know Clary kissed Jonathan?" Like throwing up.
Jace: would u ever die for Clary, like to save her life?" Of course.
Jace, do you have any guilty pleasure?" Ideally the majority of them are at least a little guilty.
Jace, where would you take Clary for a romantic vacation?" Going anywhere with me is romantic. Well, maybe not Newark. —jace
Jace-why did you date all those girls?" Why deprive them?
Jace: did you feel relieved when you found out Clary was not your sister?" No, I was hoping to go down in history as an infamous pervert. —Jace
Jace- what do you love most about Clary?" When you love someone, you don't categorize the things you love about them- — there isn't anything about them you'd want to live without. – Jace
Jace, how tall are you?" About 5'11. Are you measuring me for something?
Jace: What did u first notice about Clary?" That red hair is hard to miss.Then the glare-girls don't usually glare at me.
Jace: Can I have an autographed pair of your undies?" I've sold them all on ebay to buy Clary a pony.
JACE:Do you like Latina girls?" I only love one girl. Now, if you'd gotten me last year..(Clary hits him upside the head)

Seelie Queen; Why do you like picking on Clary and Jace?" I find true love annoying

Magnus, do you ever think about your parents? Do you miss either of them?" My mother
Magnus, how do u feel about your father?" My real father?
Magnus, who's better looking? Jace, Will or Alec?" Right, ask that one in front of my boyfriend, thanks.
agnus: You say real father, so you had an "adoptive" father? Who was he?" The one I killed.
Magnus,, how do you feel when the first time you met Alec?" That feeling you get when you know someone is going to be important to you, but you don't know how yet. —Magnus
Magnus, I know u're w/ Alec & everything but if u could have any girl, who would it be?" I can have any girl. Magnus, if Camille wanted you back would you be with her or stay with Alec?" Guess you'll find out.

Sebastian: What did you mean when u said 2 Isabelle “I’m sorry it’s you. See, out of all of them, I liked you the best.” Seems .. self-explanatory. —Sebastian

Alec: Going into a relationship with Magnus, were you afraid of dying and leaving him?" No... more that he'd get bored.
Alec, How does it feel knowing Magnus will likely be the love of your life, but that you can't be the love of his?" This just seems an attempt to make Alec feel insecure

Isabelle: would u date Roiben, if u're both free, or r u done w/ faerie guys ?" @hollyblack is here and laaaaaughing

Clary, did uever imagine the guy ud fall in love w/ wuld b Jace? Someone w/ his personality & looks?" Definitely not.
Clary, does it make u jealous/nervous that Jace has had other experiences with other girls?" No, I know this is different.

Simon how's your band?" We suck like usual. We have a fan though.
Simon, is high school different now that you're a vampire?" Suddenly, algebra is easier. Ok, not really
Simon: What was your first thought about the kiss of Clary & Jace in the Seelie Court?" Murderous rage

Valentine, wuld u b cool if Sebastion had a thing 4 his own sister?" Wouldn't be the biggest thing wrong with him.

 Eric have you written any new poem? Can you dedicate it to me?" Eric is asleep in his van right now

Camille,, have you ever dating someone after Magnus?" I've dated everyone after Magnus.

Aline, have you gotten a girlfriend yet?" Yes, her name is Helen.
Aline, how was it making out with Will??" methinks confusion abounds here

Will: do you trust Tessa?" Trust her to do what?
Will: Dont u miss ur parents sometimes? or think about them?" Yes. But what's the difference?
 Will: Do you miss Cecily?" Every day.
Will, what was the 1st thing that went thru yr mind when u saw Tessa covered in blood by the fountain?" I had failed her.
Will, what if Tessa had died? What would you have done?" Hated myself more,. I suppose.
Will: would you rather travel back in time or forward into the future?" Back in time. Who wants to know how they die?
Will Herondale,, you always rude to everyone but Jem.. Why Jem?" Jem is different

Jem, do you considered youself as a romantic man?" No one who says 'it's as good to love as be loved' is unromantic.
Jem: why did you take Church with you???" He seemed like a nice cat.
Jem, i found the cure!" Now that is just mean!
Jem, are you proud of who you are?" Not with a foolish pride, I think — but neither am I ashamed

Jessamine, Did you ever have feelings for Jem or Will?" God, no. Will's pretty but insane and Jem's diseased. Ugh.
Jessamine: What's your opinion on Gabriel Lightwood?" Pretty green eyes, wasted on a Shadowhunter.

 Sophie, have you forgiven the man who hurt you?" No, and I never will.

Gabriel Lighwood,, are you single?" Rather an improper question but yes.

Tessa: Have you ever felt something more than friendship for Jem?" Jem? Oh, I don't think so.


Since everyone wants to know: Jace did not really sell all his underwear. And he wears boxers. Aaaaaaand that's it for questions!


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