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Questions to Characters 4th

Last time I didn't post the Q&A to characters 3 and I don't know why.. *confused* but, Mrs. Cassandra has made another one today : ) and I'm posting it. ALSO, she said that nex Saturday she's going to do another one and as always I'll post it *grins*

TMI characters:

Luke: have you ever loved another woman besides Jocelyn?" Luke: No. [That was easy.]
To Church: Dry food or wet?" Church: Meow. [Wet food, and/or mice.]
Jocelyn: Would you have given Clary up if Valentine found you when she was a child?" Given her up to hide her, yes.
Clary: what if you fall inlove with someone else?Will you dump Jace?Can i take him?" Clary: Not going to happen. Back off.
Dear Simon: What is your greatest fear?" Everybody I love dying while I live on eternally.
Magnus: How many people and/or downworlders have you dated?" Magnus: uh.... somewhere between 80 and 150?
 Isabelle: What do you love most about Simon?" Iz: Who says I love Simon? I didn't say that! *looks around, worried*
Alec, what's the most attractive thing about Magnus? ;D" Alec: he's not afraid of anything.
Maia: What do you like most about Simon?" He's so nice and normal. Nice and normal is hard to find around here.
Jace, what do you think is your greatest skill (specific)?" Jace's answer is not printable. Next question!
Jace: What if I tell you that I don't really like you, & I prefer Simon?" Jace:The world is full of people with bad taste.
To Valentine: Do you love Jace?" Yes.
Jace: if Clary had not appeared in your life, what would you be now?" Lost. [And no more from Jace!]
Aline: Did you really only mess with Jace because you were curious?" Yep. Got a girlfriend now.
Amatis: The first time you saw Jace, did you thaught he looked like Stephen?" A little, but not enough to shock me.
Mrs.Lightwood if you could change anything what would it be?" What happened to Max.
Silent Brothers: Do you ever speak aloud?" Silent Brothers: There is a reason they don't call us the Chatty Brothers.
Simon's bandmates: do you know simons eternal secret?" Bandmates: You mean that he's a virgin?
Sebastian what were you thinking when you were kissing clary? Your sister!" I enjoyed the hell out of it. I'd do it again.
Stephen: Did you still love Amatis when you were forced to leave her?" Yes. I never really loved Celine.
Jace: your 1st thought when you learned that clary had been kissed by a another guy (seb)" Jace: wanted to throw up.

ID characters:

Will, first thing you would say meeting a girl you like?" "Top off, knickers down, my bedroom's this way, don't trip on the stairs." — Will. [Ok, probably not. I'll answer another Will question.]
Jem, do you have feeling for Tessa?" Jem: I, ah, greatly respect and admire her . . . she is a most compelling creature.
Sophie, are you ever gonna tell Jem how you feel about him??" Sophie: That would not be proper.
To Will: how hot do you think you are?" Will: The Lord has dealt me a most chiseled hand, it is true.
Tessa: what was your first impression of Will." Very beautiful, mad as a hatter.
Tessa, what do you think about Jem?" Loveliest, kindest person and good friend.
Henry: describe Charlotte with 5 words" Henry: Oh, ah, what? Best wife in the world. (That's 5.)
Jem, are you in love with Tessa? Will you fight over your best friend to stay with her?" Jem: What? But Will doesn't care for her.
Charlotte: Do you and Henry plan on having children?" Charlotte: Someday, I hope, when things are less mad around here.
Nigel: would you wear a dress?" Nigel: I'm wearing one right now.
Camille where are you from?" France, originally.
Gabriel Lightwood, if u could tell Will 1 thing, what would it be?" "I shagged your sister." Not sure he has one tho
Jessamine: Do you miss your parasol?" Henry's making me another. *bored sigh*
Will: if u had a say, wld Tessa stay at the Institute or go back to NY?" It would be better if she hadsomewhere else to go.

The reason why there are few questions is because Cassandra said that she would do only one per character, but she got lost lol

What I think?, in resume: Sebastian is creepy, I loved Clary's answer lol and Jace's :3 

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