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Questions to Characters 5

cassie didn't finish :( Twitter why you did this? well the ones of today here they are, as always character order :)


Jace, would you rather spend the day with Simon or Magnus? You have to choose one!" easy – Magnus
Jace how much do u dislike Simon?" Eleven.
Jace: How many girls have you dated?" Jace: one, two, three, four — do twins count as one or two?
Jace, define yourself in three words." Better than sex.
 jace, did u ever think you could be w/clary after you found out she was your "sister"?" I suggested it, if you recall.
Jace: If a girl/guy came up to you and said they loved you,how would you reply?" Line forms to the left.
Jace, if you were forced to kiss either a Simon or Sebastian, who would you choose? Pick one." The non-murderer, thanks.
Jace: what would you do if Clary dies?" She's not going to.
 JACE why u dont speak romanian anymore?" It doesn't come up much.
Jace, I have to ask: Did it hurt? When you fell from Heaven, I mean. ;)" Is that a pick-up line?
Jace: what type of girls do you like? Do you have a thing for redheads?" Especially the small, fiesty ones.
Jace: do you practice fighting with Clary?" Sometimes.
Jace, do YOU have any non-shadowhunter tattoos?" No.
Jace, are you ever self conscious about your looks?" HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHA no.
jace, have you ever considered getting a tattoo with clary's name?" Bit of silly thing for a shadowhunter to do.
Jace, would you still love Clary of she were a vampire?" Jace: Yes.
Jace, Clary thinks that fighting for you is like sex. Is it true?" Only in the sense that I like to be good at both.
Jace, Do you love Clary unconditionally?" Yes. *looks grouchy*
Jace: What does the future hold for you and Clary?" I can't see the future.
Jace: Whats the limit to your love with Clary?" I haven't found it yet
Jace: How do u feel about Imogen sacraficing herself for u?" I wish I'd known who she was.
Jace: For how long did you know Alex was gay?" Oh, I don't know. Just always did. Never that important.
Jace: Were you always a romantic, or does Clary just bring it out in you?" I used to think love destroyed you, so...
Jace, sending Clary poems. Don't u think that's just a tad cheesy? Mundane?"If you think art is cheap, I feel sorry for you. Anyway, do you think we Shadowhunters don't have our own painters? Artists? Poets? Writers? - Jace. (shutting him up now)
Jace, what do you think about having a baby in the future?" Like most 16 year old boys, I would prefer an unexploded bomb. —Jace
Jace, do you think of Clary as the one for you, the one you'd want to marry?" Of course


Clary: what's the worst drawing you've ever made?" Um.... I used to draw people so they looked like parking meters.
Clary, do you regret have kissed your brother?" Clary: Blech, yes.
 Clary, do you ever wish that you hadn't discovered Jace, Izzy and Alec at pandemonium" No.
Clary: what are you most looking forward in your future with Jace?" Peace and quiet?
Clary,do you regret or kind of guilty after choose Jace beside Simon?" Guilty but not regretful.
Clary: what's been the most romantic thing Jace's done?" Sent me a card every month on the day we first kissed with a different poem in it. – Clary
Clary, if you had to choose: Vampires or werewolves? (don't cheat and say 'Shadowhunter!'" Vampires. Obviously.
Clary, what is the worst thing about be in love with jace?" Not getting to see him often enough
Clary: How would you want Jace to propose to you if he did?" In six years.
Clary, do you regret that you'll never finish high school with Simon?" I miss him, but not high school

Jocelyn: Did you really love Valentine?" Once.
Jocelyn, are you proud of Clary for embracing her heritage?" NO. X_X
Jocelyn: Do you think Clary has truly forgiven you for stealing her memories?" No, sadly.
Jocelyn - What do you think of jace with clary?" I worry.
Jocelyn: would Valentine ever cheat on you?" No, I don't think he ever did. He had his own sense of honor, it was just not like everyone else's. – Jocelyn

Camille, do you still have feelings for Magnus?" Oh, yes. We shared a great love. I'm sure he feels the same.
Camille, what do you think of Alec?" Looks familiar.

Izzy, have you always liked Simon?" He phases in and out of annoying me.
 Isabelle:would u like to have Clary as your parabatai?" Well, she kind of sucks. At Shadowhunting. I like her generally.

Raphael, Do you have a girlfriend?" No.

Simon will you marry me??" My, how sudden
Simon: if you could have Clary right now, would you?" In the biblical sense????
Simon: would you change the love of your life to be with them forever or end your life when theirs is up?" Neither.
Simon: Do you think you and Clary would be together if she had never met Jace?" I know it.

Magnus: Ever juggle a girlfriend and a boyfriend at the same time?" Sure.
Magnus, what's the first word that pops into your head when you think of Alec?" 18 year old boyfriend w/a stamina rune.
Magnus, who is hotter, Jace or Alec?" Jace. I'm just dating Alec to get close to him. It' a long game. </sarcasm>
Magnus: All these years later, even though you are with Alec now, do you ever think of Camille?" Sometimes
 Magnus, have you ever stayed in a relationship until the other person died of old age?" Of course.
Magnus, how much do you love Alec compared to your past relationships?" Love's not like that.

CHURCH: what's the most annoying things the humans do?" Church: bites you.
Church, are you planning on taking over the world? ARE YOU??" Church: bites you.
Church: my cat wants to know do you get better treats than other cats?" Church: bites you.

Max, who do you miss most?" My mom.

Alec, who do you think would be your shadowhunter-brother if you hadn't met Jace?" No one
Alec; are you glad you came out to your family?" Yes, it was the right thing to do.
Alec: Will you and Magnus be at the Pride Parade?" Magnus will be the Grand Marshall.
Alec, if Magnus wanted to make you over, would you let him?" Now, we've been through this . . . no

JC/Sebastian: Sincerely, have you ever kissed another girl besides Clary?" Many. Usually to a better response.
Sebastian, have you met Maia?" Who?

Valentine: Are you still in love with Jocelyn?" Never loved anyone else.
Valentine, what would you say if i told you that your ex and bestfriend are going to get married?" I'm not surprised.
Valentine: were you ever romantically involved with anyone besides Jocelyn?" No

Jace, Alec & Isabelle who is the better fighter of you three?" Jace. Then Izzy.

Maryse Lightwood: What do you think about the relationship of Jace with Clary??" Hmph. Doomed
Maryse: do u not like Clary for Jace? And if so Why?" Too much, too fast, too young.
 Maryse what do you think abou the relationship between Magnus and Alec?" I'm getting used to it.

Luke, you haven't gotten any questions's life?" Pretty good. Getting married.

Sophie, how much would I need to pay you to stay the hell away from Jem?" Sophie: Well, I never.

Will, what proof do you have that demon pox exists?" I have a feeling. No-not THAT feeling.
Will, are ducks truly untrustworthy?" Yes. Always plotting, with those beady black eyes.
Will: Do you prefer your martinis shaken or stirred?" Martinis are ridiculous. Straight alcohol or nothing.
Will, will you ever open yourself to love?" You don't know what you're talking about/
Will, if you were forced to kiss either a duck or Magnus, who would you choose? Pick one." Magnus, I suppose.
Will, do you have any tattoo that's not a shadowhunter runes?" I do.
Will: What is your tattoo? Where is it?" It's in honor of my birthplace. That's all I can say.
Will, do you still have your v-card?" Pretty sure Will doesn't know what that is.
Will: Why dont you ever let someone- anyone- know what you're going through?" Because I can't.
Will, is your tattoo a red dragon on your bum?" I see you know the flag of my homeland.
Will your wet a lot, do you enjoy being wet?" It rains a lot in London.
Will: Whats the best thing that has ever happened to you?" Well, a beautiful naked woman once embraced me unexpectedly - but then I realized I was just drunk and had fallen over the statue of Venus in the foyer. —Will.
Will,, if Tessa isn't a warlock,, would you still be rude to her?" I'm sure I'd find something else to be rude about.
WIll- Can you handle it if Jem dies?" I expect it. I imagine I'll be alone after that. I hope I don't live all that long.

Ducks, how do you feel about Will?" Quack.

Gabriel: Aside from ridding the world of the demon menace, what are your passions/hobbies?" Flirting. Riding (horses.)

Jem: Is there anything you really want to do before you die?" I'd like to love someone like my father did my mother.
Jem: are you sometimes jealous of Will?" No. Not ever.
Jem, if you had to kiss either Will or Jessamine, which would you kiss?" Will would be less likely to kill me for doing it
 Jem, what's your favorite thing to do besides killing demons and saving people`?" Play the violin.
Jem, if you had to reveal one secret who would you reveal it to?" Will.
Jem: if you found a cure.. What would you do?" Live.
Jem what would you think if i said girls around the world are in love with you?" I would be very puzzled
Jem, and what would you think if one of those girls (yeah, me) wants to marry you?" I'd try to talk you out of it.

Jessamine, you don't wanna be a shadowhunter. If you weren't one, what would you do for living?" Women don't work.

tessa, what's the best thing about Will?" When he goes away.
Tessa, do you think Gabriel is handsome?" Objectively, he is, yes.
Tessa: From 0 to 10(best) how'd you rate Will's kissing?" I have nothing to compare it to . . . yet
Tessa: What are your top five favorite books?" The Hidden Hand, Tale of Two Cities, P&P, Little Women, jane Eyre.

Henry, Have you made in things that could fly or any headway on time travel?" I'm working on this Portal gadget...

hope you enjoy  reading :)

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