Tuesday, April 05, 2011


Finally we celebrated yesterday the release of CITY OF FALLEN ANGELS and we are more than exited with all of this :)  For the release we made a video/message that is a bit crappy lol but still has a bit of meaning (internet was failing) 
So the video is here:

BUT the main thing is CoFA book trailer :D so here's the link 

CoFA Book Trailer Here

CoFA teaser 3 (intro. Maureen Brown) Here
CoFA teaser 2 (audiobook) Here
CoFA teaser 1(extended PMI) Here

Hope you liked everything :) Now we just have to wait for our book. 
*And for those who have it already please do not spoil at least 2-3 weeks remember that there are other countries that can't get it as fast as you. 
AND if you can't hold yourself you can comment on the link below. Cassie tweeted the link...


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