Sunday, April 17, 2011

Questions to Characters 6

Please note that this Q&A have SPOILERS of City of Fallen Angels do not read if you haven't read CoFA and don't want to know spoilers 

Because of this Characters from Infernal Devices will be first :)

TID Characters:

"Will, are you attracted to someone you don't think you should like?" Yes.

Jem wouldn't you rather be out living your life to the fullest." Jem: How am I not doing that? This is what I want to do.
"Jem, which is your natural color hair?" It was black.
Jem, do you think Will is a wee bit crazed?" Will is quite mad, but he is my responsibility.

So Tessa, so do you have any plans on deciding who you enjoy more? is it Will or Jem?" I don't think either is interested!

 " Charlotte, how's Henry these days?" Being mad in the crypt. The usual.

Cecily, do you love Will?" I did.

 Gabriel, would you and your father run the institute?" It is what we would prefer. Charlotte is incompetent.

Henry, what are you working on?" This little round twisty thing and when you twist it right it blows up. Good for exploding automatons.

Now CoFA SPOILERS begin (again, if you don't want to know do not keep reading)

TMI Characters

Church, why weren't you in COFA? I miss you!" Asleep in the attic. I will return in the next volume.

Jace, did you not know about the protective runes/spells put on Shadowhunter babies?" Yes, I did, but I never connected that to coming back from the dead."

 Izzy, where do you buy your makeup?" Ricky's.
Iz: are you willing to give Simon a 2nd chance?" If he behaves himself.

Sebastian- do you feel the need for revenge on Jace?" Not at all. We're good friends now.

Jordan Kyle:Did you know we're totally in love with you now?" I knew this joining a band thing would work 4 me. Who are you again?
Kyle, will you ever forgive yourself for what you did to Maia?" No, never.

Simon, how do you feel about Izzy now? why didn't you kiss her?!" I thought she might punch me. It's a concern.

Clary: is there anything you wouldn`t do to save Jace and ur love for eachother?" I'd like to think I wouldn't do something really evil.

Seelie Queen, do you dislike Jace and Clary as a couple?"Like, dislike, so human. I simply find their love the best way to manipulate them.

Magnus, if you could make Alec immortal, would you?" No, I wouldn't.

Eric: Can I be your new girlfriend?" Real-life Eric is married to my best friend so not sure I can give him away.

Alec, if it's possible would you want to be immortal so you could be with Magnus forever?" Yes, if it didn't mean being a vamp.

Maia, are you okay with Jordan? You could fall in love again?" Maybe. I really don't know. I'm confused.

Camille: Were you surprised to see Magnus is a relationship with a male?" No. Magnus has always been . . . flexible.
Camille, would you ever consider getting back with Magnus?" Certainly.

Luke, are you having 2nd thoughts about wedding w/ everything Jocelyn`s going thru?" It doesn't seem a good time for a wedding...

Chairman Meow, when do you plan on taking over the world?" Meow. The Chairman's just a cat.

Jocelyn would you ever consider having another child?" I don't plan on it but if it happened that would be all right.

Maureen, how are you adjusting to your new "life"?" I like it. I miss Simon. I'd like to see him... again.

Maryse, is your husband's affair the.reason you seem to be closed off/rude to everyone?" How rude, but yes. 

"Robert Lightwood, are you in Idris because you feel guilty about something...or someone??" Yes.

Max, who do you miss the most?" My mom.

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