Friday, April 29, 2011

Questions to Characters 7

Hello everyone! this week has been crazy and with very few news, but today has been held finally April's Q&A ! I will post Infernal Devices Characters first because of City of Fallen Angels spoilers you just need to scroll a bit and then there's it. Enjoy!

Infernal Devices Characters

Will:Are you jealous of Jem because of the way he feels for Tessa?" Jem's just nice to everyone, it's the way he is.
Will, will you ever open your heart for someone?" I don't think that would be a good idea.

Jem : do you think Tessa&Will can be a happy couple?" If you can't be happy alone you can't be happy with someone else.
Jem: Would you fight with Will for Tessa?" If he declared his interest, I would step aside, of course.
Jem, why step aside?? you should fight for Tessa!!" So I can offer her two, three years before I die?

Tessa, do you believe there is still some good in Will, after what he said to you?" Yes. Maybe not enough.
Tessa: If Jem had feelings 4 you would you consider being with him? Or always love Will?" I don't love Will! I hate Will!

charlotte, are worried about losing the institute and who might take over?" It is a great concern.

Jessamine: Will any eligible bachelor do, really?" Not a Shadowhunter is the main priority. And money.
Jessie, have you ever had any feelings for Will?" Ughh. No.

Sophie, do you think Jem will return yr feelings, or have u accepted he doesn't feel that way?" I have sadly accepted it.
Sophie: did you have hopes for Jem's love before Tessa came around?" I believe he has feelings for her . . 

Ragnor Fell: When are we ever meeting you?" Soon, very soon.

Gabriel, are you close to Gideon? Any brother rivalries?" Gideon is a bit stuffy. But we are close as brothers are.

Gideon Lightwood, do you hate William?" No, not really. That's my brother.

Mortal Instruments Characters 

Simon, are you planning to fix your relashionships?" I'm focused on fixing my relationships with my family.
Simon, how did it feel when you had to take care of Jace?" An odd reversal. But he's not so bad.

Jonathan how did u LIVE when simon didnt give u blood shouldnt u need vampire blood?" Only to be a vampire.
Jonathan: do you like Jace now?" Oh yes. He makes excellent company . . . now.
Jonathan, du you hate Jocelyn?" Yes.
sebastian how is it to be back?" Fantastic.
Jonathan/Sebastian, Why do you hate Jocelyn so much?" You have to ask? They hate me.
Jonathan/Sebastian, would you kill Clary, if you could?" Jace wouldn't like that.
Jonathan, do you care for Jace's feelings now?" Mostly he wants what I want.Minor exceptions to keep him happy are..minor.
 Jonathan, do you ever miss Valentine?" He betrayed me. I no longer feel as I once did about my father.
Jonathan, do you consider Lilith as your mother?" More than Jocelyn.
Jonathan, are you even capable of real human emotions?" How would I know? I feel only what I feel.

Church.. Are you on vacation? I missed you in CoFA." Church: bites you.

Magnus do you plan to tell Jace you knew his ancestor?" If it ever comes up.
 Alec and Magnus are you guys traveling again?" Are you kidding? We're not leaving New York till this is sorted out.
Magnus, do you have any tattoos?" I might. Just of the decorative sort.
Magnus, who took care of your adorable cat while you were on vacation with Alec?" A warlock friend.
Magnus, when and where did you born?" Batavia, 1640.
Magnus, do you ever get tired of Alec being so emotional/dramatic?" Quite the opposite. He has the normal emotions of a human being, especially one so young - a big danger of immortality is losing your ability to feel. Being around Alec reminds me what is to feel.
Magnus, have you ever met Dumbledore?" Dumbledore is fictional. :D
Magnus, your style is always compared to Adam Lambert or Bill Kaulitz... do yo actually LIKE their styles?" Who?
Magnus, does the thought of Will still bother you?" Yes. I failed him . . .
Magnus, who do you think is hotter? Jace or Will?" Will.
Magnus, How much alike do you consider Jace and Will?" Not much at all. But few people knew the real Will.

Isabelle, now that Maia's out of the way, will u pursue a relationship with Simon?" Oh, the r-word gives me hives.

Clary, why did you leave Jace alone?" You could ask the same of Alec& Isabelle! We didn't think there was danger.
Clary: do you now carry the Seelie Queen's bell with you at all times?" Yes
Clary: have u been w/Jace lately? You still act like a couple?" I don't know where he is or even if he's alive...

Jace, do you speak Russian by any chance...well like you speak Romanian?" No. A few words.
Jace, what's it like sharing headspace with Sebastian?" I don't know what you mean. We're 2 different people.
Jace: Con cuantas chicas has salido antes de Clary?" I don't think he'd tell you that. :) (T: how many girls you dated before Clary)
Jace, do you think you will be strong enough to take your mind back from Sebastian?" I don't know what you mean.
jace do you even realize what sebastion did to you that night on the roof?!" What?
Jace you are hot and I think its about time you realised that you deserve Clary!" Hotness make you deserving?
Jace, can you see yourself with Clary forever?" Yes.
 Jace: What are your feelings for Clary now that you're 'connected' to Sebastian?" I love her. I always will.
Jace, why is it you think you dont deserve clary?" I think I don't deserve to be happy—they're connected but not the same.
Jace, are you returning to the Institute after what happened with Jonathan?" Oh, I'll be back all right.
jace: when do you plan on having sex with clary?" I'm not doing anything Saturday.

Alec, would you marry Magnus if he asked you?" Er.. it seems awfully early. Maybe we ought to live together first.
 Alec, are you going to try to find 'her' since you let her escape?" I plan to.
 Alec, do you want to spend forever with Magnus?" Isn't that what everyone wants?
Alec what are your thoughts about Will?" Wish I knew who the heck he was.

Aline, did you ever have a boyfriend?" No. I just wasn't that interested.

Camille, if Alec wasn't Magnus boyfriend, would you be interested in him?" No. Teenagers bore me.

Maryse Lightwood, are you considering leaving Robert?" YES.
Maryse even tho u dont approve of the Jace/Clary relationship do you like her?" She's a lot like her mother.

Jocelyn, I figure you still don't approve Clary's relationship. Am I right?" Even less now.
Jocelyn, what would it take for you to be a mother to any boyfriend Clary has?" Why would I be their mother?

Luke, as a father figure to Clary, do YOU approve of her relationship with Jace?" I did.

Maia, would you ever consider getting back with Kyle in the future? Or is it too soon to tell?" Too soon.

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