Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Alex's movies

ok so, I'm going to post this because hell i want >-< ok no but it's just that I'm getting really into Alex Pettyfer at least for me he's 'the one' o.o
So, here it is Alex through the years... :3

In 'Tom Brown's Schooldays' (2005)

'Stormbreaker' (2006)
Wild Child (2008)
Tormented (2009)
I am Number Four (2011)
Beastly (2011)

If you're a fan of Skins (UK) in Tormented there's the girls who plays 'Michelle' and 'Jal' from the first season. Now I think I so have to watch it :3 I love Skins. <3
As for the other movies... doesn't he looks cute when he was little?? :D well a teenager actually.

-23 days till I am Number Four! aren't you guys exited??

ps: He took my breath away in Beastly :B *drools*

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