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Questions to Characters P2: ( ID Characters)

We thought that it was so long the post so we divided the posts into TMI questions and ID questions :)
keep reading if you love Infernal Devices characters and you want to know a bit more about them ..

Infernal Devices Characters:


1.- Q: Will: What were your 1st impressions of Jem?
A: Sad. Lonely. Very very quiet.
2.- Q: Will- what the story about your parents?
A: Will just stares in a horrified manner and stalks off.
3.- Q: Will, how long will you fight your feelings for Tessie?
A:  Who says I have feelings for her? Or anyone?
4.- Q: Will, how many times have you intentionally been bitten by a vampire?
A: They don't bite me, I bite them.
5.- Q: Will, why are you so horrible to Henry?
A: I'm horrible to everyone.
6.- Q: Will, on what occassion, if any, would you NOT lie?
A: I wouldn't lie to Cecily.
7.- Q: Will, can I ask you for Jem's hand in marriage?
A: It's not my business who he married!
8.- Q: Will if you could go anywhere in the world where would you go?
A: Straight to hell.
9.- Q: Will, what is one thing in ur life that ur willing to take back?
A: Better off asking me what I wouldn't take back.
10.- Q: Will, do you regret saying what you did to Tessa at the end of CA?
A: No. It was necessary.
11.- Q: Will, do U miss Cecily?
A: Yes.
12.- Q: Will: So, what is one thing, you wouldn't take back?
A:Being parabatai with Jem. Wouldn't take it back.
13.- Q: Will, can you tell me a little more about demon pox?
A: No one ever believes me about it. They'll see...
14.- Q: Will: If you could tell Cecily one thing, what would it be?
A:That I'm sorry.
15.- Q: Will, do you regret what you did to Tessa at the end of CA?
A: No.
16.- Q: Will, do you regret kissing Tessa??
A: *grumpily* Yes.
17.- Q: Will: What was your first impression of Tessa?"
A: She hit me. With a pitcher.
18.- Q: o Will: Your Opinion of Church (The Cat, to be clear.)
A: Miserable biting creature.
19.- Q: I am so for "Holy Sexy Water Will," all the way! hehe!!
A: Why thank you.
20.- Q: Will: why do you regret kissing Tessa?
A: It was a mistake. An enjoyable mistake, but a mistake.
21.- Q: Will, WHY did you kiss Tessa?
A: Sometimes we do things we know are a bad idea because we want to do them so badly.


1.- Q: Tessa, what attracted you most about Will?
A: Have you seen him? Besides, he reads the same books as me.
2.- Q: Tessa, what attracted you most about Jem?
A:We're friends. "
3.- Q:Can you ever fall in love with Jem?
A: Jem? I, ah, *flounders*
4.-Q: Tessa: Did holly water and blood tasted good?
A:Tessa: In that context, yes...
5.- Q: Tessa, do you regret your first kiss?
A: Sometimes.
6.- Q: Tessa.. that kiss w will.. from 1 to 10, what'd you rate it?
A:Once I would have said 9 but these days... perhaps seven....


1.-Q: To Jem: Why do you put up with Will and his idiot behavior?
A: Imagine how bad he'd be if I didn't.
2.- Q: Jem, if Tessa chooses Will, will you marry me?
A: Tessa and Will? Oh, I don't think... that doesn't seem likely.
3.- Q: Jem: What's the nicest things Will has ever said to you?
A: "I have failed my family before, James, I would not fail you."
4.- Q:  When did you learn how to play the violin and how much do you play/like to play?
A: My father played the violin, and all the time.
5.- Q: Jem : Do u have feelings for Tessa ? More than just friends?"
A: I ah, find her to be a most admirable girl in all respects.
6.- Q: Jem - if you don't find a cure, what is one thing you would for sure want to do?
A:Fall in love.
7.- Q: Jem: Do you know if Will keeps any secrets from you? Or does he tell you everything?
A: I am sure he keeps secrets.
8.- Q: Jem, what would choose, a long time friendship with Will or a life with Tessa?"
A: But why would it have to be one or the other? Also the parabatai oath is very serious. I can't just . . leave Will.
9.- Q: to jem- if I magically appeared in the institute would you marry me?
A: I tend to like to get to know a girl...
10.- Q: Jem, if there was a cure but it involved never seeing Tessa or Will again, would you take it?
11.- Q: Jem would you fight Will for Tessa's love?
A:No. No! I want Tessa to be with who she loves.
12.- Q: Jem, if you somehow met a certain mundane and she fell for you, would you consider her feelings, or push her away?
A: I always consider a lady's feelings.
13.- Q: Jem: How are you still such a gentleman after all these years with Will?
A: Well he doesn't seem very happy does he?
14.- Q: Jem: would you be happy if Tessa picked you over Will?
 A: "I don't think... she and Will? That seems...unlikely."
15.- Q: Jem, y do u think Will & Tess r unlikely?
A: Well, it's Will. He doesn't—I mean, he's never said anything to me about it.
16.- Q: Jem, do you know who this Cecily is?
A: No. And Will won't tell you.


1.- Q: To Henry: what got you into inventing things? Has it always been a hobby?
A: There's just so many THINGS and they need to be INVENTED because how are we going to live without them and I have this IDEA for this thing and it could instantly transport you from one place to another place but the formula just won't work and all that happened was I turned a rabbit into two rabbits. And a regular rabbit could do that." *henry collapses, breathless*
2.- Q: Henry: What would you say if I told you that in the future people invent a way to FLY?


1.- Q: charlotte: did you and henry date before you got married? Your relationship puzzles me.
A: I don't know the word "dating."
2.- Q: Charlotte - I think the person asking means did Henry court you before marriage. 
A:Oh, well.. not really... we met a few times...


1.- Q: Jessie can u imagine people listening 2 music from a 1- Finger- sized box?"
A: I hate this game. I won't play.
2.- Q: Jessie: have your feelings toward being a Shadowhunter changed?"
A: Not a whit.

so that's it :}    thank you for reading (if you did) and hope you like the questions. Seriously guys, you don't know how much time it took me to put the questions in character order and everything I did to make it look like this :S 

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