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Questions to Characters P1: (TMI Characters)

ok so, for my first Mortal Instruments related post i wanted to post the "game" that Cassie made on her Twitter page :D what she did? She asked to her fans to ask her questions that her characters (TMI / ID) were going to answer. I thought it was an amazing idea, i mean if you could ask them all the questions you made while reading the books but you knew they'll never be answered that was your opportunity! :} so, i'll put all the questions in Character order to make it easier.   Q= Question            A= Answer (just to make it clear)
I highlighted the question and names and yeah, after I finished I knew it looks awful >.<

TMI Characters:


1.-Q: Jace... ever been to South Carolina?"
A:  A gentleman does not go to South Carolina and tell.
2.-Q: To Jace: Have you actually "dated" a girl before Clary, or just, you know, "had fun" with them?"
A: Nothing serious.
3.- Q: Jace, u play the piano but... Do u like It? Can u play any other instrument?
A: Just the piano.
4.- Q: When did Jace know he liked Clary (as more then a friend obviously.
 A: Probably in that horrible coffee shop.
5.- Q: Jace, what is the your most valued possession, sentimental or priceless included? 
A: Either the Morgenstern ring or the box Amatis gave me.
6.- Q: To Jace: What I need to do to win your heart?"
A: Be Clary. Otherwise, cooking me breakfast is always a good start.
7.- Q: To Jace... how much effort do u put into ur looks?"
A: I eschew product. I am naturally stunning.
8.- Q: To Jace: What do you like most about Clary?"
A: I like the way she never backs down. And her... well, never mind.
9.- Q: Jace: you miss Idris? Or you like NY?
A: new York's my home.
10.- Q: Jace, has anyone ever called you a dumb blonde?
A: Not twice.
11.- Q: Jace: Do you think Jocelyn will accept your love for Clary?
A: Over time...a really long time... I think so.
12.- Q: Jace, would you marry clary??
A: Sure.
13.- Q: Jace, what would u do if clary broke up with u for simon?
A: Assume she was possessed.
14.- Q: Jace, why are you so sexy?*-*
A: *bites you" Hmm, Church is having an effect.
15.- Q: Dear Jace: I'm a difficult girl. What else would you say to me to win my heart?
A: *takes off shirt*
16.- Q: Jace would you ever consider going out with Simon?
A: Is jumping into a pool full of razor blades an option instead?
17: Q: Jace: Do you find Clary's love for manga or anything else about her, very endearing or cute?
A: You really want me to say sappy things about my girlfriend, don't you? But it would embarass her. She's shy. Which is endearing. And cute.
18.- Q: Jace, if u were gay... do u think u'd ever date Alec?
A: No.. daing your parabatai is illegal.
19.- Q: Jace, if you could say one thing to Valentine right now, what would it be?
A: It's more of a hand gesture.
20.- Q: Jace: "What did you FEEL when Clary walked in on you and Aline?
A: It was what I wanted and also NOT what I wanted.
21.- Q: Jace, do you plan to get into Clary's pants anytime soon?
A: "That... is up to her. Also PRIVATE.
22.- Q: Jace, are you planning on REPLACING the tights that were ripped?
A: Suddenly, I feel creepily watched....
23.- Q: Jace, what do u think of all the fanfics about you&Clary that pretend you're still siblings?
A:No more character answers... ... but the author is amused. Forbidden love!


1.- Q: Clary: If Jace hadn't been killed, what would u have asked for from the Angel?
 A: I don't know. Hindsight's 20-20.
2.- Q: Clary: Did you think to make love with Jace that last night? For a second?
A: Maybe a second. It would have been a mistake.
3.- Q: Clary, why would it be a mistake?
A:We would have felt bad about it. Even later. Now, our 1st time can be ah, normal.
4.- Q: Clary: wuld u marry jace if he ask u?
A: No.
5.- Q: CLARY!!!!!!! Why wouldn't u marry Jace!!!!!!??? If he asked!!
A: I'm sixteen. I'd assume he had a head injury.
6.- Q: Clary, what is your favourite manga series?
A: that has to be Magical Love Gentleman.
7.- Q: Clary, would you give up Jace to save Simon?
A: Give him up how? Break up with him? I ... I guess. Yes. Let him die? No.
8.- Q: Clary: U have regrets about be in the Pandemonium that night? Wrong place, wrong time?
 A: No, not really. Had to happen.
9.- Q: Clary: are you more into shoujo or shonen manga?
A: Shounen


1.- Q: Alec: "Before it became obvious you were seeing Magnus, how long had you been seeing him - since the party?
A:No. Since he saved my life.
2.- Q: Alec why do you let moths eat your clothes?
A: Is that what those holes are?
3.- Alec, why you didn't kiss Jace when he told you to?
A:It suddenly seemed like kissing my brother.
4.- Q: To alec: why do you try to hide the fact that you're good looking?
A: I'm not good-looking! *turns beet red, hides*
5.- Q: Alec, what's your biggest fear in your relationship with Magnus?
A: That he'll get tired of me. I'm not that exciting.
6.- Q: Alec, are your parents ok with your relationship w/ Magnus?
A: Sort of.


1.-Q: Simon: At this point, would you rather go to SC with Clary, Izzy or Maia?
A:  All three not an option?
2.- Q: Simon: do you wanna marry me?
A: This is all so sudden...
3.- Simon: Who do you like more, Izzy or Maia? or are you still hung up on Clary?
A: *splutters* Clary and I . . . just friends.
4.- Simon, "When u were doing yr thing w/Clary at Luke's, how could u be so fool to fall asleep?
A: That was a serious missed opportunity.
5.- Simon: Is your band ever going to choose a name?
A: we're Millenium Lint right now.
6.- Q: Simon: if clary told u tomorrow she was over Jace & realized he love for you what would you do?
A: not believe her.
7.- Q: Simon: Are you happier with yourself as a vamp or when u were a human? More confident?
A: Human was better.
8.- Q: Simon, after your rat experience, will you ever drink another potion?
A: I can only drink blood.
9.- Q: Simon: when did you KNOW u were in love with clary?
A:Third grade, I think. We met in first.
10.- Q: Simon: "Where would you take Izzy out on a date if you could?
A: We go on dates all the time!


1.- Q: To Izzy: Do you have feelings for Simon "other than friendly"?
A:We've made out a lot. I should hope so.
2.- Q: Isabelle, do you think you and Clary could be parabatai?
A: Well, she's kind of a sucky Shadowhunter.
3.- Q: Isabelle, admit it: Do you have a thing for Simon?
A: He's on my radar.
4.- Q: Izzy, have you been with exclusively guys or are you and Aline a possibility?
A: I'm openminded but Aline annoys me.
5.- Q: Izzy: "Any other girls you'd date if you and Simon don't work? Or are you sure you're straight?
A: pretty sure.


1.- Q: Magnus - is it hard to be so fabulous all the time?
A: Fabulousness is not fabulous unless it is effortless.
2.- Q: Magnus: In all your years of living, who's the best lover you've had?
A: Alec says I can't answer that.
3.- Q: Magnus, you've been a fashion junkie for centuries. What's your favorite fashion time period?
A: 17th century.
4.- Q: Magnus: You've seen and done a lot. Any regrets?
A: Oh, boatloads. But why dwell....
5.- Q: Magnus: are you strictly men now, or do I stand a chance?
A: Have always, will always be bi; but — I'm with Alec.
6.- Q: To Magnus: Can I borrow your rainbow leather trousers?
A: Surely. I never wear anything twice.
7.- Q: Magnus and Alec: Describe your dream date
A: Okay, first you need an active volcano-" Alec: "Oh, shut up."


1.- Sebastian: why did you kiss Clary? Don't answer that it's b/cause you're evil.
A: I wanted her to give me that book.


1.- Q: Jocelyn: Would you like to marry Luke?
A:We're engaged, so I'd hope so!


1.- Q: To Luke: When did you know for sure that you were in love with Jocelyn?
A: I don't remember not being.


1.-Q: Church, why do you keep misguiding people in the institute? For them to do what they should do?"
Church: bites you.
2.- Q: Church: Would you ever consider a relasionship w/ @hollyblack 's cat?
Church: *bites you* He's kind of one-note.
3.- Q: Church: Are you ok with Alec's relationship with Magnus?
Church: *bites you*

Chairman Meow

1.- Q: Chairman Meow: What's it like living with Magnus?
 Chairman Meow: Meow.
2.- Q: Chairman Meow, can you ever unsee the things you've seen in Magnus's apartment?
Chairman Meow: *cries*


1.- Q: Raphael, what do you think about Simon?
A: He annoys me.


1.- Meliorn, did you have feelings for Isabelle, or is that impossible?
A: I cannot be bothered to answer human questions.

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