Wednesday, January 26, 2011

questions to characters SECOND TIME

yeap so I work really fast xD ok no, like 20 min ago Cassie was done with more character's questions, why she did it? She reached more than 20,000 followers !! CONGRATULATIONS *claps* so, to celebrate she make Q/A game again. I put them in character order to make it easier:)

TMI characters

Jace: What do you think of those angry taxi cab drivers that roam around NYC?" I like to torment them by making them change $100 bills.
Jace: how did u feel when Clary asked the angel to bring u back?" I was dead at the time.
Jace: Have you ever wanted another girl while with Clary?" No.
Jace: Will fighting along side Clary present more problems for you? How will you handle that?" Jace: I really don't  know. I hate aspects of it, but I wouldn't be much of a boyfriend if I went out and risked my life and didn't let her do the same.
Jace, what were you thinking when Clary showed you her scar on her birthday? Why did you look away?" Jace: It looked like my scar. But that didn't make any sense. Also I wanted to kiss her.
Jace: if you were stranded on a desert island and could only have 3 items what would you choose?" Cricket bat, sieve. and an unending supply of cheese.
Jace what was the first thing that went through your mind when you met magnus bane?" Damn, that's sparkly.
Jace: On a scale of 1-10 how concerned are you about catching demon pox?" Zero! What a question.
Jace, did you ask Alec to be parabati, or did Alec ask you?" I asked him.
Jace, what do you think made you fall in love with Clary rather than some other girl from your past?" She makes me happy. None of the other ones did. We fit.
Jace- If you could name Simon's band for him, what would you call it?" Loser Patrol.
Jace, why is your room at the Institute so neutral?" My father taught me a warrior keeps his personal space cleared.
Jace, which surname are you using these days?" Mr. Readthebookandfindout. :P
Jace: what is your opinion on this whole alex pettyfer playing you in a movie?" I think Jace just died of meta.
Jace, what would you do if Clary didn't love you back?" I can't think about it.
Jace, what is your favorite piece to play on the piano?" Rachmaninoff. Difficult. Challenging.
Jace: what would you say if I told you that there is a group of people in the world who want Clary to leave you for Simon?" I would hunt them down and kill each of them personally. *sigh* Clary says I can't say that. She just says "Ha!" Not good for the ego.
Jace what was going through your mind when you were kissing aline?" 'Trying to forget...nope, not working.
Jace: Do you like @I think in 2007 Justin Bieber was like 3.

Clary, are you close to any females your age?" Just Izzy. I don't see Maia much these days.
Clary, describe Simon in three words." My. Best. Friend.
Clary, what made you fall in love with Jace?" Realizing under all that swagger he was just ... like me.
Clary: if you could choose anyone as your parabatai who would it be & why?" Um.. Izzy I guess.


Alec, how old were you when you first realised you had feelings for Jace?" About twelve. That's all over though!
Alec, do you consider yourself at risk of getting demon pox?" Alec: *spits out food* WHAT? I don't cheat on Magnus.
Alec: If you could only ever use one rune mark again, which rune would it be?" Well, it wouldn't be Fearless, I can tell you.

Isabelle how would you feel if Simon chose to date Maia over you?" Extremely offended. But why would he do that?
Isabelle, do you get insecure about Simon's love for Clary?" iI - I'm sure he's totally over her.
 Isabelle, can you really ever see yourself with someone?" I don't believe love lasts.
Isabelle: What do you think of Clary? Do you wish you moved and never had to see her again, or did that change?" No — now that Jace is really happy, I don't feel that way any more. Why would I?


Simon: will you marry me?" Simon: I, uh, what?
Simon, what's your band called these days?" Millenium Lint.
Simon, if you could change from being a vampire.... would you?" Yes

Magnus, what's your favorite thing about Alec?" The eyes & the hair. My favorite. Oh, right. Personality. Definitely that.
Magnus: does alec ever remind you of will?" They look a bit alike but could not be more different.
Magnus, who was the girl you were talking to under the tree during the celebration for defeating valentine?" Tessa.
Magnus, what was the first thing you thought when Will came to you in the middle of the night?" Demon pox.
Magnus, would Clary like Will or Jem better?" Jem. Will would annoy the daylights out of her.
Magnus, can you sing and would you to Alec?" I cannot sing and Alec would have to ask very nicely.
Magnus, does chairman meow like alec?" They get on.
Magnus if you could become a Shadowhunter, would you?" Heavens, no. I'm perfect as I am

Jocelyn, was your intent to NEVER tell Clary about he Shadowhunter world?" Absolutely never.

Maia, who would you consider your closest friend? [i swear now I'm done!]" Bat, maybe. Simon, but that's complicated.
Maia: Out of the shadowhunters you know which are you closest to?" Simon

ID characters

Will: I hear South Carolina is nice this time of year, u ever been there?" Will: South Carolina? Is that somewhere in the US?
Will what do you think of Henrys inventions?" Bloody stupid wastes of time.
Will: Why do you act the way you do? Can't you just be straightforward with people?" Now where's the fun in that?
Will: Do you believe in true love?" For other people, not for me.
Will, do you like Magnus Bane?" I don't *dislike* him.
Will, how long had you been planning to go see Magnus?" A few days. A week. I knew it was a bad idea.

Tessa what does it feel like to change into another person?" Painful. Strange. Interesting.
Tessa, who do you have more of a connection with Will or Jem?" Well, Jem, I mean Will is just so . . . well. He's Will.
Tessa, would you change into Will to see what he is thinking?" That would be a violation, without asking.
Tessa: What's the last book you read?" Vathek.
Tessa: would you consider Magnus a friend? Acquaitance? Enemy? (As of 2007)" A friend.

Sophie, do you think Jem has feelings for you?" I know he doesn't.

Jem, is there something that makes you irrationally angry?" Yes. And you'll find out what soon enough.
JEM...I love you! can I kiss you? hahahaha" I don't think that would be proper.
Jem: what's your favourite piece/song on the violin?" Bach's sonatas and partitas.
Jem, what color were your eyes?" Black
Jem, could you ever have feelings for Sophie?" Sophie?? She doesn't feel that way about me.
Jem, is your natural hair color silver?" No. That's the drugs. The poison.

Jessamine, what are the chances of you having the somewhat normal life you want?" I shall MAKE it happen.

So that´s it. Again, the popular one was Jace, but why he wouldn't? *-* I swear that each day I love that character more ♡  so that's it for today :) hope you like today's posts,  come here again today for more updates Ü  


  1. Wow, thanks a lot !!
    Couldn't follow this because of the jetlag (I live in France) and I as glad to find them all here to translate them in french for my blog :)

  2. Hahahahaha!! i was laughing sooo hard!! :D